We’ve long suspected it would happen and that it wasn’t just a fad for consumer marketing. And now there’s evidence to prove our suspicions: according to the most recent (July 20, 2009) issue of BtoB magazine, social media use is soaring — up nearly 400% — among b-to-b marketers.

The front-page article, describing a survey conducted by BtoB and the Association of National Advertisers, states emphatically

“Social media and viral video have seen dramatic growth among b-to-b marketers, and virtually all forms of newer media are now valued by these marketers as demand generation channels.”

As we try to help our b-to-b clients navigate this brave new world, we’re venturing out ourselves as well. We were one of the early pioneers in the website business back in the mid 90s, and we’ve been on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for a while now. And now, we’re adding the VantagePoint blog to the mix. Several of us at VantagePoint will post 3 to 5 times per week, giving our observations on b-to-b marketing, advertising, digital media, and more. We encourage you to subscribe to our feeds (as well as our Twitter and Facebook feeds) as we learn together.

And to find out more about that BtoB magazine survey, click here.