How do you shorten sales cycles? Simple: be where your customers are looking. MarketingSherpa recently investigated how decision makers and influencers get information about products and services, and their findings show that customers are looking in different places than before – which has important implications for marketers.

How buyers get product information

How B2B buyers get product information

According to MarketingSherpa’s research, the most notable shift has been from face-to-face events and trade shows to virtual events and trade shows. These address budget restrictions that many companies have had this year, while technology has made it easier to produce an interactive and highly effective online experience.

Other digital resources with increased usage include search engines, business news/info websites, vendor websites and technology B2B websites. Marketers with strong online strategies should continue to be well-served.

While social media is a new consideration for many B2B marketers, respondents said they are increasingly accessing these media sites.

With longer sales cycles affecting many B2B companies, never before has it been more critical to be present where buyers are looking for information about your products and services. How can you find the most effective marketing mix to support your business? Simply ask customers and prospects “How do you learn about new products and services?”.