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The Renault F1 car before (left) and after ING pulled its sponsorship

The Renault F1 car before (left) and after ING pulled its sponsorship

While watching Speed’s coverage of the Formula 1 race in Singapore this past weekend, I noticed that the Renault cars were missing a major component: the giant ING sponsor logo. Most of us American sports fans missed the drama a couple of weeks ago while we were busy with football and baseball, but basically one of the world’s most lucrative sports had a key team accused of throwing a race.
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outhouse springs billboardMy kids have a couple of days off school very soon, and so we decided to take a brief trip to Charleston. During my planning, I was reminded about a very clever billboard campaign for Outhouse Springs bottled water that we encountered while we were there several years ago. Yes, it was a real product, and yes, it was more than just a gimmick.

The billboards were hilarious, if (pardon the pun) a bit tasteless. But they did what they were intended to do: sell bottled water at a local supermarket chain in order to raise money to help save the deteriorating Morris Island lighthouse. Read the rest of this entry »

Trade shows can be a great way to generate sales leads or an opportunity to check out your competition, but are you maximizing the investment you’re making? When planning for your next trade show, don’t forget to engage the media.

Trade shows are heavily attended by the media so that they can stay on top of industry trends and new products coming to market. These editors and reporters want the latest scoop and will be willing to talk to you about your newsworthy product. So how do you engage the media at your next show?

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We were thrilled to learn last night that we had been honored with 31 awards at the annual BMA Carolinas ProAd awards, including Best of South Carolina, Best of Show, and Agency of the Year! This competition, sponsored by the Business Marketing Association, honors work that shows outstanding creativity, sound strategy, and measurable results. We received awards for work for 14 different clients, including 8 gold, 8 silver, 12 bronze, and the 3 “best of” awards. Here is a sampling of the projects that were honored last night:

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One of the many benefits of being a member of PRSA is receiving their monthly Tactics publication, which is full of up-to-date information and PR best practices. On the front page of each issue there is a section titled, “Did you know?” Every month, it quickly highlights a recent research study, covering a wide range of topics from social media to the economy.  I especially enjoy reading this, because it gives a quick glance on the hottest topics in public relations.

This month, the research focused on Twitter and why those who use it are tweeting.

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NBC’s experiment with primetime television begins tonight at 10 pm, with the premier of “The Jay Leno Show.” With the 10 pm time slot typically reserved for dramas — a least on the broadcast networks — NBC is forging new territory with this nightly primetime comedy/variety show.

If we take a look at some of the reasons why NBC is taking what many deem a risk, there are some lessons for us (B2B marketers).

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You know whitepapers offer a number of benefits. They can help you: establish thought leadership, position your company as a valuable resource, provide education, and/or deliver a business case. They can also be an effective tool in demand generation programs, offering a “safe” entry point for prospects to begin to engage with you.

But how do you write a whitepaper that will deliver?

I came across this article many months ago and think it offers great advice. I wanted to share it. Here are the highlights:

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“What?” you ask. “Bonza who?” Yes, it’s a real holiday — at least according to several internet sites. And it’s the only holiday that occurs twelve times a year. Bonza Bottler Day is when the number of the month and the number of the day of the month are the same, e.g., January 1st, February 2nd, etc. So, today being September 9, or 9/9, it’s Bonza Bottler Day. Except today is also 09/09/09, which must make it especially significant, right? Read the rest of this entry »

We all know that content is king. For B2B marketers, it’s especially true.

Good B2B marketing content can help to draw potential buyers through the ever-lengthening buying cycle. And allow them to do so on their own terms.

But how can you ensure you are delivering relevant and valuable content? Content that will (hopefully) ultimately drive potential buyers to action with you?

Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid when developing marketing content:

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