“What?” you ask. “Bonza who?” Yes, it’s a real holiday — at least according to several internet sites. And it’s the only holiday that occurs twelve times a year. Bonza Bottler Day is when the number of the month and the number of the day of the month are the same, e.g., January 1st, February 2nd, etc. So, today being September 9, or 9/9, it’s Bonza Bottler Day. Except today is also 09/09/09, which must make it especially significant, right?

A former boss of mine, Elaine Fremont, came up with the idea for Bonza Bottler Day in 1985. (Unfortunately, she was killed tragically in 1995 in a car accident.)

According to the official website, Elaine realized there were no special occasions to celebrate one month. She decided to give herself a reason to have a party each month and held a contest to name the day. A student from Australia won the contest, using Australian slang (“Bonza!”) for “something excellent.” The day was first officially celebrated on August 8, 1985 here in Greenville, SC.

Sounds like a great idea, right? (After all, who doesn’t want an excuse for a party?) But you’ve probably also never heard of the day, either. Even I, with multiple connections to the holiday, had completely forgotten about it until my wife sent me an email reminder a few minutes ago.

So how does this relate to marketing? Simple: use whatever means you have available to get your message out. In 1985, it would have been fun, but extremely cost-prohibitive, for Elaine to have marketed her great idea with magazine ads in Reader’s Digest. (She didn’t, for obvious reasons.)

But it’s 2009. Who says we can’t use a blog, a Facebook status, a Twitter update and an email or two to introduce people to a wonderful idea — whether a fun reason for a party, or a significant new product announcement?

I say go for it. Happy Bonza Bottler Day!