You know whitepapers offer a number of benefits. They can help you: establish thought leadership, position your company as a valuable resource, provide education, and/or deliver a business case. They can also be an effective tool in demand generation programs, offering a “safe” entry point for prospects to begin to engage with you.

But how do you write a whitepaper that will deliver?

I came across this article many months ago and think it offers great advice. I wanted to share it. Here are the highlights:


1. Don’t make the whitepaper too long (or too short)

2. Use the third person in the whitepaper

3. Refrain from including marketing information about your product or service throughout the whitepaper

4. Address business and technical audiences in separate whitepapers

5. Stick with the facts; avoid posing strong opinions or specifying required courses of action in a whitepaper

6. Motivate readers by providing useful information, not by instilling fear, uncertainty, and doubt

7. Include third-party information

8. Consider the option of outsourcing whitepaper development

9. Consider hiring an agency, rather than a freelancer, to write your whitepapers

10. Don’t try to find a subject-matter expert to write your whitepapers