One of the many benefits of being a member of PRSA is receiving their monthly Tactics publication, which is full of up-to-date information and PR best practices. On the front page of each issue there is a section titled, “Did you know?” Every month, it quickly highlights a recent research study, covering a wide range of topics from social media to the economy.  I especially enjoy reading this, because it gives a quick glance on the hottest topics in public relations.

This month, the research focused on Twitter and why those who use it are tweeting.

According to TNS and The Conference Board, most internet users who utilize Twitter are doing so to keep in touch with friends. However, there are a strong number of users who are using it for business, to find news, or conduct research.

Here is the breakdown:

Keep in touch with friends 42%
Update your status 29%
Find news 26%
Work-related 22%
Research 9%

While it looks like the majority of Twitter accounts are being used for personal reasons, it is clear that several businesses and business professionals are utilizing it to connect with customers, colleagues, prospects, etc. When it comes down to it, Twitter is simply another tool in the toolbox to effectively communicate with your audiences.