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A friend of ours — let’s call him Bill — heads to the brain surgeon for a bit of intra-cranial work. The surgeon prods, probes, does scans, completes research, and comes back to Bill with a recommendation for how to best proceed: brain surgery next Monday morning.

And Bill’s response? “Well, I see your point, but you haven’t had to live with my head like I have. Plus, there are some findings you aren’t aware of. And, my wife sort of likes my hair like it is right now, and I don’t think I want to shave it for the operation. Thanks for your recommendation, but I’m going to ask you to operate on my ankle instead. Oh, and can we do it tomorrow, rather than waiting until Monday? One more thing — I’ve got an extra utility knife in my workshop, so I’ll go ahead and do the preliminary incision before I show up at the hospital.”

Extreme, you say? No one would do that, you say? Why doesn’t Bill just listen to the professional, you say?

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When I moved to Greenville in 2008, I didn’t realize how much the Upstate had to offer. Not only are there wonderful restaurants that rival the Charleston and Atlanta foodie scene, but there are large international companies, such as Milliken, Michelin, Fluor, and BMW, headquartered here. We are fortunate to work with some of those companies and many more around the Southeast.

At VantagePoint, we occasionally help our clients plan events and other outings for a variety of occasions. We have helped pull together campaign launches, sales meetings, trade shows, plant tours, open houses, and more. When planning a large event, it can sometimes be hard to select the best venue, create a catchy theme, order a meal that pleases the masses, schedule activities that are fun for everyone, etc. For those who are looking to host a corporate event in the Upstate, here are some different venue ideas that are sure to please:

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While the calendar says we’re just over a third of the way through summer, and the ever-rising mercury makes us feel we’re well into the middle of the season, newspaper circulars, magazine editorials and TV commercials already have us looking into fall.

It’s hard to believe that family vacations, swimsuits and fireworks will soon be traded for football games, long-sleeve shirts and falling leaves. And, of course, lazy days for school days.

Traditional school days may be behind most of us, but effective B2B marketers understand the importance “education” plays in successful product and service promotion.

Sales teams need to be equipped with information and tools that help them understand marketplace needs and position the benefits of their solutions. Distributors and other channel partners need to be as intimately familiar with offerings as a company’s direct sales force. And customers oftentimes need to be informed on how best to leverage a product or service.

One approach to delivering this education is through a variety of digital means, such as:

  • online universities for your direct and indirect sales forces, as well as customer service personnel
  • training videos posted within your website or YouTube channel, and then distributed through email communications
  • white papers and technical articles featured within relevant vertical online communities and information resources
  • digital presentations included on microsites linked to direct marketing initiatives

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to keep internal and external audiences “in school” on your products and services.

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