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One of the first things that attracted me to the marketing and advertising profession was a ketchup bottle. Sound weird? It’s true—before picking a major and packing up for college, I was walking through a grocery store and some Heinz ketchup labels caught my eye.

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If you’re like most B2B companies, you launch new or improved products or services every year. After all, that’s one of the easiest ways to increase sales and market share.

But time and again, businesses are disappointed with underperforming new products or services. A study by OnTarget and Impact Marketing showed that nearly 80% of executives ranked their method of launching products as “neutral” or worse. And 60% of launch failures are due to poor planning.

VantagePoint Marketing has helped dozens of B2B companies plan, execute and market new product and service launches. Recently a few members of our leadership team recorded a discussion about how we help companies make their launches more successful. Take a few minutes to watch excerpts from that discussion below (it’s only 4 minutes), and see if there’s anything VantagePoint can do to help you with your new product or service launch. (Or, feel free to watch the video in HD, along with other videos, on VantagePoint Marketing’s YouTube channel.)

Recently, we recorded a series of informal conversations with several of VantagePoint Marketing’s key staff discussing how to help our B2B customers create greater value for their customers. If you’ve got 12 minutes, I think you might find these interesting and helpful. The three brief videos are available below, or you can watch them in HD on VantagePoint’s YouTube channel. Each video addresses a different way to increase your value to your customer. Here’s a brief summary of each:

1. Improve customer loyalty. In this video, our team discusses:

  • the use of customer research and the Net Promoter Score
  • how to follow up with appropriate action
  • the increase in market share that will follow when you understand what matters most to your customers
  • a case study where a doubled Net Promoters Score led to record profit growth

2. Stay relevant to your customers. This 4-minute clip covers:

  • the importance of your product or service’s  relevance to both customers and non-customers
  • talking about what your customers are interested in, not just trumpeting your great new widget
  • letting relevance drive your strategy and marketing communication
  • creating specific communications for specific audiences
  • how you can help your customers’ business

3. Improve sales effectiveness. This video clip explores:

  • the importance of sales’ competence, confidence, comfort, and communication
  • how VantagePoint helps customers train their sales force and sales channels
  • the importance of understanding the buying cycle and all influencers in the B2B purchase process
  • how a feedback loop can help sales provide marketing with the intelligence to modify products and messaging

At VantagePoint, we want to provide the best value to you, which is one of the reasons we created these videos. Of course, we can only convey a limited amount of information in 4 minutes, so if there is any way we can help explain these topics further to you, we’d love to be of help. Please contact VantagePoint Marketing, and we’ll be happy to set up a time to talk.

As any good creative does, I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas and inspiration from others in the B2B space. True, there’s plenty of inspiration in the consumer space as well, but sometimes you just want to see what ideas another B2B marketer came up with while facing similar challenges.

Here are 5 of my favorite B2B creative marketing executions I’ve stumbled across recently. You can click on most of the images to see a larger version.
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A number of people I’ve talked to recently don’t understand all the fuss around social media. What is it? Why is it growing so fast? Can Twitter help or hurt us? Do we need to do anything? Psychologists say that people remember things presented to them in 3s so, briefly, here’s my take, in 3s:

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The Renault F1 car before (left) and after ING pulled its sponsorship

The Renault F1 car before (left) and after ING pulled its sponsorship

While watching Speed’s coverage of the Formula 1 race in Singapore this past weekend, I noticed that the Renault cars were missing a major component: the giant ING sponsor logo. Most of us American sports fans missed the drama a couple of weeks ago while we were busy with football and baseball, but basically one of the world’s most lucrative sports had a key team accused of throwing a race.
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bad grease ad

In the world of B2B marketing, it’s frighteningly common to find a certain style of design, of communication, of interacting with potential customers. It goes something like this: In big, black, industrial sans-serif type, preferably Futura or Helvetica (or perhaps Gill Sans if we’re feeling frisky), we shout . . .
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