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One of the benefits of living in Upstate South Carolina is that beach trips can be taken on a whim and over a weekend. And as anyone who has driven to the beach knows, the closer you get, the more billboards there are vying for your attention.

I’m always amazed by the one that never fails to catch my eye. It’s not for a beautiful beach resort. It’s not for the newest restaurant or tourist destination. It’s not for anything I would expect to catch my eye on a trip to the coast. It’s this:

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outhouse springs billboardMy kids have a couple of days off school very soon, and so we decided to take a brief trip to Charleston. During my planning, I was reminded about a very clever billboard campaign for Outhouse Springs bottled water that we encountered while we were there several years ago. Yes, it was a real product, and yes, it was more than just a gimmick.

The billboards were hilarious, if (pardon the pun) a bit tasteless. But they did what they were intended to do: sell bottled water at a local supermarket chain in order to raise money to help save the deteriorating Morris Island lighthouse. Read the rest of this entry »

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